Posted by: aronmwrites | November 5, 2008

Election ’08: Tallying Defeats and Highlights

Before I go to bed, here’s the rundown on anti-queer and anti-transgender ballot initiatives as I know it at present

Florida: Amendment 2 – PASS – Bans gay marriage in state constitution

California: Prop. 8 – PROBABLE PASS – Overturns Supreme Court ruling and retroactively amends constitution to ban same-sex marriage

Arizona: Prop. 102 – PASS – Amends constitution to ban same-sex marriage, despite existing prohibitions to same-sex partner benefits; a rematch on a similar 2006 prop that was defeated.

Arkansas: Initiative Act 1 – PASS – Overturns ’06 Supreme Court ruling; makes it illegal for unmarried couples to adopt or become foster parents.


Connecticut – Question 1 – NO – Would have started process for a constitutional convention in the state that could have led to an overturning of the state’s Supreme Court ruling for same-sex marriage

Obama – is this a win?

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