Posted by: aronmwrites | September 25, 2008

A Little Scared

I’m a bit worried right now.  When I opened my inbox at work this morning, I found this article in my account:

Body of Transgender Person Pulled from American River

(source: Sacramento Bee)

Authorities recovered the body of a 22-year-old transgender woman from the American River on Sunday.

A fisherman spotted the body about 12:45 p.m. floating in the middle of the river less than a mile southeast of the Highway 160 bridge, coroner and police officials said.

Officer Konrad Von Schoech said authorities initially thought the body was female, because of long hair, painted toenails and a smaller frame. The body was also covered in mud so it was hard to tell, he said.

On closer examination, authorities determined it was a male body, Von Schoech said.

Coroner officials have identified the person, whose last known address was in North Highlands, using fingerprints, but have not released the identity pending notification of next-of-kin.

Von Schoech said initial investigation indicates that no foul play was involved, but authorities are awaiting autopsy results to determine a cause of death.

I grew up a stones throw away from North Highlands.  Literally, I was just a few large blocks from the start of the neighborhood.  And I went to school with all of the kids from North Highlands.  And I’m not that different in age from the victim. 

Is it callus to hope I didn’t know her/him/zir? 

I read about these sorts of deaths all the time.  Often enough, in fact, that I’m sad to say I’ve become somewhat desensitized to them.  Gender variant – as well as queer – folks are murdered all the time.  It’s a horrific fact, but that doesn’t make it any less true.  When you have to read about it on a regular basis at work, you stop reacting quite so much.  It’s a defense mechanism.  And for those that would say that the authorities don’t know if there was “foul play” involved yet – I’m 99% sure there was.  These cases always start by being reported this way.  We can just be thankful that they haven’t accused the victim of being a sex worker yet (the favorite action of media and police when reporting on murdrered transwomen). 

I can think of a few people from my high school/jr. high time that meet the few facts that have been given out about the victim.  I can only focus on something else and wait until the name is eventually released – and hope that I don’t know the victim.



  1. Wow . . . so close to home. Dear god, I had just gotten over the constant fear that you would be murdered in Boyle Heights

  2. I hope you don’t know zir either but I’m sorry this startled you. This kinda ish is heartbreaking. Lives are precious, people can be so terrible.

  3. Jesus, that’s terrifying. Please tell me as soon as you see news – I will also be looking out for it. That’s so deeply disturbing, to have that happen in our old stomping grounds…

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