Posted by: aronmwrites | August 22, 2008

Will VP pick Biden flake on LGBT community?

Joe BidenRather quietly tonight, in my opinion, Sen. Barack Obama announced that Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE) is his VP pick (great picture of Joe on the left, don’t you think?). I won’t bother repeating the fairly decent, if brief, summary that Waymon Hudson’s already put together over at the Bilerico Project of Biden’s voting record on LGBT (really queer… or really gay and lesbian…) issues. Take a peak.

Seems fairly rosey a review, though, so I’d also suggest this brief post from Citizen Crain for a bit more balance. He talks slightly more substantively about why Biden hasn’t gotten stronger scores from the HRC’s congressional report cards. Chris Crain’s question basically sums it up:

Senator Biden, you’ve avoided express commitments and delayed or avoided co-sponsorship on some gay rights legislation pending in Congress. And you’ve not said to what extent gay couples who are married or in civil unions should receive federal recognition. Are you prepared now to make firm, clear commitments and if so, why has it taken you so long?

Now I wish I’d seen them ask that at the HRC/Logo debates! Too bad Biden had “scheduling conflicts” and couldn’t attend… (I think he was the only invited Democratic candidate to not speak at the event.)

Hopefully in the coming days I’ll have some time to pull together a more thorough look into his record on gender identity related legislation. Something to watch for in the coming days at TRANS∙pose, I suppose (look, I rhyme!).

What do you think? Any preliminary impressions of the senator?

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