Posted by: aronmwrites | August 20, 2008

Speak of the devil…

Thanks to a tip from New World View on this.

Remember Kenneth Zucker’s treatment techniques for gender variance in children? For a refresher, revisit his NPR interview and listen to him talk about what sounds remarkably like reparative therapy (P.C. slang for Love Won Out and other so-called “ex-gay” movement trash). Then, move on to this petition, courtsey of the Questioning Transphobia blog:

Protest Zucker’s Invite to Speak at Royal Society of Medicine Conference

Please sign the petition below to protest the horrific decision to invite trans-reparatist quack Kenneth Zucker to address attendees at a conference on gender-variant youth in the UK. First he was invited to sit on the committee to oversee revisions to the GID diagnosis in the DSM, now this? When will this universally reviled doctor in the trans community stop being rewarded by the mainstream for his dangerous and egregious actions? Enough is enough!

Here is the text of the petition and a link to it:

We the undersigned wish to protest in the strongest possible terms against the inclusion of Dr Kenneth Zucker in the Royal Society of Medicine’s conference on “Gender Identity Disorder in Adolescents”. We believe that his methods are harmful to young people and that his theories on transgenderism are both outdated and rejected by most of the psychological community as they are based on personal bias and flawed methodology.

We respectfully ask that you replace him with a contributor to the conference who does not give such offence to the transgendered community.

Squigglefish adds: The London Transfeminism discussion group is planning a protest at this event.

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  1. Human Rights Defence has now announced the results our essay competition. At third place Shoma A. Chatterji’s “Eunuchs of India – Deprived of Human Rights” is placed. Here is a snippet from its introduction…

    “The International Human Rights Day comes and goes every year. Human Rights activists talk of torture of under trials in police custody. They talk about human beings being subjected to medical experimentation without their conscious knowledge. They discuss socially relevant subjects like violence against women, child abuse, trafficking or exploitation of child labour in TW countries. But the lot of the community of eunuchs is largely ignored even by their own. It is also true that at every stage of their existence, their rights to live and work like normal human beings are violated with impunity.”

    If you like to read more, you will find it on our site:

    Yours sincerely,

    Tomas Eric Nordlander

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