Posted by: aronmwrites | July 2, 2008

Of Christians, Lies, and Queers: More on Bolthouse Farms

Bolthouse Farms juicesAs a follow up to my earlier post on the connection between Bolthouse Farms, the Bolthouse Foundation, and anti-LGBT donations, I wanted to point people toward this post that went up last Friday. Alex Blaze does a great job digging into the specifics of the past and ongoing relationship between Bolthouse Farms and the Bolthouse Foundation, despite the company’s denial that it has any current ties to the right-wing foundation.

Interestingly, the Foundation has gone so far as to change it’s mission statement since my last post on the topic in order to further the misinformation. The mission statement originally read: “The Bolthouse Foundation is a private family foundation funded by some of the former owners of Wm. Bolthouse Farms”. Now they’ve amended it to include a much longer missive about their connection with Bolthouse Farms:

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Bolthouse sold their interest in Wm. Bolthouse Farms in late 2005, and since then The Bolthouse Foundation has reflected their giving decisions exclusively. The Bolthouse Foundation is a separate entity from Bolthouse Farms, and all funding decisions by The Bolthouse Foundation are made solely by the Foundation. No members of The Bolthouse Foundation have a financial interest in Bolthouse Farms, and The Bolthouse Foundation receives neither financial support nor benefits from the profits of Bolthouse Farms.

Apparently, it’s not Christian to be a queer, but it is perfectly Christian to lie.

(Photo credit: Bolthouse Farms)

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  1. wasting your time people, go fight for something worth fighting for, like 4 dollars a gallon for gas. weather your fighting to lower the price or find an alternative fuel source, i dont care, either way its a great cause!

  2. John: Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

    Although I think that alternative fuels are also incredibly important – and environmental justice and protections are two issues that I also feel strongly about – are your personal liberties and protections worth less than the extra cash you may pay at the pump? Isn’t it difficult to distinguish a heirarchy of needs?

    Personally, Bolthouse Farms is funding and has funded measures that strive to take away rights and protections that I believe should be extended to all Americans. While I value your sentiment that alternative fuels are important right now, especially when we’re fighting a war abroad for oil, I have a hard time with your suggestion that my right to visit my partner in the hospital is any less important.

  3. […] do work! Given the fact that I’ve talked about Bolthouse Farms and their connections to the “Yes on Prop. 8″ campaign before, I felt […]

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