Posted by: aronmwrites | June 19, 2008

WeHo Marriage Photos, or How I Joined the Media Circus

Although this totally isn’t my picture – I had a video camera at the event for the organization that I work for, so I was unable to take my own shots – I totally had to share this with everyone. The shot was taken from on top of the stage in the front of the gymnasium at the West Hollywood park across from the Pacific Design Center on San Vicente and Santa Monica. It shows the amazingly crazy media mob that took over while George Takei (yes, of Star Trek) and his partner, Brad Altman, got their marriage license in WeHo.  How romantic, right? 

Actually, I just realized that you can see me in the french blue polo on the right side of the image jockeying for a place with my video camera over the heads of other media folks in front of me.  That’s highly entertaining.

In fact, here I am too, filming the opening press conference (blurred, sitting down, french blue polo again, left side): 

I have no idea why I find these photos so amusing. 

Really all I wanted to say was that it was incredibly exciting being present at such a historic moment – and that the media are kind of like man-eating piranhas (whom I apparently fit in too well with, because I forcibly ejected from the main room after disobeying the “no filming” policy).  Oh – and that I never want forget the sound of the small tinkling bells mingled with applause inside the gym everytime someone’s number was called to go up and get their marriage license. 

I’m not a big proponent of marriage, at least not marriage in an assimilationist way (unless that’s what you want); however, it was nonetheless an incredibly moving event to witness.  Also, have I mentioned that I was paid to be at this event?  How cool is my job!     

For more photos of the media circus that occurred at the park when WeHo started handing out marriage licenses on Tuesday, check out the West Hollywood Gets Married photostream on the City of West Hollywood’s official Flickr account.

(Photo credits: Brett White) 



  1. I get really confused about marriage.

    I don’t really believe in marriage. I think marriage should be a private arrangement, overseen by your religious entity if that is your choice. I don’t see why the government has any right to say how you can choose your family.

    But given that straight marriage isn’t about to be abolished any time soon, I grudgingly admit that I want gay marriage, although it pisses me off that even gay marriage only admits a certain kind of gay couple to that privilege.

    But then, even given all my misgivings and negative feelings, I cry like a baby every time I see a queer couple with a marriage license. I can’t help it=)

  2. I mean cry in a happy way.

  3. […] to hear personal stories about the queer and gender-variant communities.  Minds change.  Laws change.  Life is good.  Plus, if most folks are anything like my parents, whatever you read in print […]

  4. Jess: Ditto to all of your sentiments. Marriage in our society is so complex – and sometimes if you can’t beat them, you’d at least like to join ’em.

    It was surprisingly moving to see couples get their marriage licenses. I think we have a similarly strange relationship to the institution.

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