Posted by: aronmwrites | June 5, 2008

What GENDA says about ENDA

Continuing from my earlier post about the CurrentTV episode on ENDA and the HRC — jump on over to the Bilerico Project for a great post from Rebecca Juro on New York’s passage of GENDA and what it could/should say to the HRC.  From the post:  

Protecting the transgender and gender-variant from discrimination enjoys substantially more support among American voters nationwide than same-sex marriage does or probably ever will.

We saw that reality played out yet again this week in New York. The Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA), the bill that would protect transgender and gender-variant New Yorkers from discrimination in employment, housing, and public accomodations statewide, was passed by the New York State Assembly yesterday by an overwhelming vote of 103-33. Same sex-marriage was passed by this same legislative body last year by a vote of 85-61.


Yet, what we see and hear coming from HRC, Barney Frank, and so many others is the opposite of what has been conclusively proven over and over to be reality. It isn’t true that rights for transgender and gender-variant Americans are somehow less palatable to the American public at large than the right of same-sex couples to be married.

I’m not trying to make value comparisons here. Both goals are supremely worthy; both deserve to become the law of the land as soon as humanly possible. My issue is with the hypocrisy of those like HRC (and especially Barney Frank) who continue pounding the drum for same-sex marriage while at the same time advocating for the exclusion of transgender and gender-variant Americans from basic civil rights legislation by claiming that there’s not enough support for it to pass.



  1. I’m just curious, how is “transgender” defined in the bill? Do you have any idea?

  2. Nicole, the bill “defines “gender identity or expression” as having or being perceived as having a gender identity, self image, appearance, behavior or expression whether or not that gender identity, self image, appearance, behavior or expression is different from that traditionally associated with the sex assigned to that person at birth”

    Here is a link to the NYS Assembly page describing the bill and details about its passage:

  3. Great explanation, Jennifer – thanks for contributing!

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