Posted by: aronmwrites | June 5, 2008

Carrots versus The Gays?

I love Bolthouse Farms’ drinks – especially the Vanilla Chai and the carrot juice – but this might be one more person that stops buying their products.

According to the people over at Bakersfield.Com, Bolthouse Farms owner William Bolthouse donated $100,000 to the anti-marriage campaign for the California ballot initiative that will face voters this November.  Not so fast though.  An anonymous commenter on Good as You says that William Bolthouse no longer has stake in the company.  Rather, the money came from the Bolthouse Foundation, an organization run by former owners of the juice giant.

A little internet research demonstrates this to be partially true.  Madison Dearborn Partners does indeed own Bolthouse Farms as well as holding BevMo and Family Christian Stores in its portfolio.  However, it also reveals that the Bolthouse Foundation is primarily underwritten by profits from Bolthouse Farms.  Additionally, the Bolthouse family still owns a 43% stake in the company.  

I guess I may just have to say “no thank you” next time on the Bolthouse products.  Too bad, because they were organic and (vaguely) locally grown!  Since I think I fall into the category of the “lost” to the Bolthouse Foundation, however, it just doesn’t make sense that I’d send profits to an organization that believes in my “everlasting punishment” (you really should check out their statement of faith).  Goodbye delicious vegan treats! 

(In other news out of Bakersfield today, the Kern county clerk’s office will stop performing all weddings after June 13.  Marriage licenses will still be issued, in accordance with state law. Apparently, this is solely due to “budgetary reasons”.  Who knew that Bakersfield would be a hotbed of queer-oriented news today?  And who knew I counted “gay marriage” as an issue relevant to the queers?  Apparently, my anti-assimilationist standards are sliding.  I should work on that.)

(Photo credit: Bolthouse Farms!)



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  2. It’s been a while since I have caught up on this blog, obviously.

    Damn it. That Vanilla Chai was my FAVORITE soy treat. And I do mean favorite.

    Oh, how I shall miss thee…

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