Posted by: aronmwrites | May 15, 2008

Silent T Party on CurrentTV

Hey kids!  Check out this video, now playing on CurrentTV: Silent T Party

Some friends of mine put together this short video on the importance of an inclusive ENDA.  Although it seems like the videographer cut out most of the dinner conversation on various attendees employment discrimination experiences (too bad!), it still does a great job of encapsulating the issue for audiences that aren’t familiar with what’s been happening.  I think I’m a little more comfortable not having my story about being introduced as the “office tranny” all over the internet in video form anyway.  Or the time I was turned down for an internal position because they wanted a “real/bio male” in the position… I’m so glad I left that organization.  An added plus in this vid – the interview with Marty Rouse of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) in the middle is really disgusting. 

(Consequently, if you’re interested in following more of what happened with ENDA from a view inside the HRC’s Board of Directors, take a stroll over to Donna Rose’s ENDA blog.  Very, very interesting reading.)



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