Posted by: aronmwrites | February 11, 2008

Yes, Laura Ingraham, I am killing YOUR culture

I’ve promised to myself time and again that this blog is only about personal exploration.  This is my journey — and it will not be co-opted by forces of hatred, discrimination, and bad taste that seem to run rampant in every corner of this country.

But Friday on the tube this clip appeared on the O’Reilly Factor: 

BENJAMIN (Code Pink Representative): Well, first of all, I like to debate so much that I come on FOX News whenever I’m invited. And second, I think it’s important to give these citizens of Berkeley a right to decide. In fact, what’s hidden in all of this is that Code Pink has started an initiative to put on the ballot restrictions using zoning ordinances to give the people of Berkeley a say whether they want this Marine recruiting station there or not. That’s very Democratic. You can’t get more Democratic than that.

INGRAHAM (Host, O’Reilly Factor): Are you — do you think that people have a right then to stop the, let’s say, transgender conference that’s happening next month at Berkeley? What if the push was to stop the transgender conference? Would you support that?

BENJAMIN: I don’t think that has anything to do with it, Laura..

INGRAHAM: Has nothing to do with the culture or a divisive issue?

BENJAMIN: It’s war that the American people are against.

INGRAHAM: Well, wait. You think – oh, no, let me get this straight. You think the majority of Americans would support a transgender conference in their communities? Are you kidding me?

BENJAMIN: A transgender conference.

INGRAHAM: Oh, come on.

BENJAMIN: .is not killing people. It’s people discussing. We’re talking about a war.

INGRAHAM: And killing the culture, Medea. That’s all.

(Or, see the full clip on YouTube)

Really?  The Transgender Leadership Summit is “killing the culture”?  I know I shouldn’t be surprised by Fox Network (or the O’Reilly Factor, for that matter) for issuing statements that are so tasteless.  But this just irritates me.  It wasn’t even on topic?  Why did Laura Ingraham need to bring it in?  

Whatever.  If I’m killing a culture that supports the imprisonment and perpetual servitude of the black community via the prison industrial complex, then I guess I’m for it.  If I’m killing a culture that is too stupid to realize that we went to war for oil and that we were fed lies to provoke us into a second war with Iraq, then I’m for it.  If I’m killing a culture that feels that we aren’t responsible for global warming and the climate crisis until India and China take action too – that are glutaneous lifestyle isn’t sustainable and that we need to change NOW – then I’m for it.  And if I’m killing a culture that forces people to live in little boxes because our neat definition of gender is just too narrow to include safe restrooms for everyone, quality healthcare, and inclusive anti-discrimination policies that protect everyone’s rights to just live their lives, then I’m for that, too. 

Ok.  I’m stepping off my soapbox now.  Going in a more purposeful direction, if Laura Ingraham’s commentary seemed out of line to you, too, then send them an email at:   


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